Featured Animation Content "BUDDI MINNI"

13 episodes are NOW available!

Incredible Co-Production made possible by StudioGOONEYS in Japan (Animation) and CGS Studio in Tunisia (Trans-media) BUDDI MINNI (78 x 5') is imaginative multi-platform 3D computer animation concepts, based on plants and seedpods positioned to become an international brand with multiple licensing and exploitation opportunities, including mobile applications, games, music and other interactive elements. Now 13 episodes are available and rest of the episodes are expected to be completed by end of 2017. Distributed by MEDIATOON (FRANCE) in some territories.

Please e-mail for bible and available territories.



Dandelion Animation Studio LLC.

Spooky graphic


FANTASISTA is Tokyo based production studio with experience in 2D, 3DCG, VR production.

StudioGOONEYS is Tokyo based studio specializing in 3D animation, motion graphic design and passionate about developing impressive animation, graphic design and promise to commit full effort in every projects and deliver passion and excitement.

We offer full scale 2D and 3D animation production services for all projects and branding, also interested in Co-production, Project development from scratch.

DLAS LLC. was founded in 2007, creating digital animation, planning, TV contents and character designs targeted for children and family based on a principal "A gift for all children around the world". Looking for service work, pre and post production as well as co-production opportunity with studios out side Japan.


Projects available for Co-Production

47 Todofuken




Spooky graphic, a ghost group that creates wonderment, is a boutique eclectic creative team, known for its cute & cool character designs, story board directing, concept design, motion graphics, and character animation.

Projects available for Co-Production




PICONA is full size CG studio based in Tokyo specializing in TV animation and movie.

Looking for Pre, Post-production and Co-Production opportunity for their feature project "PICO"

HONESUTA by Taka Kato

Honesuta is a CG animation production group that started out by producing “Doggy Bones in Twinkle Winkle Somewhere Land.” Ever since has been producing CG for childrenʼs contents and other entertainment projects.

Projects available for Co-Production


Alto's Trunk

DOGGY BONES "Twinkle Winkle Somewhere Land"